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Friday, July 16, 2010



Robert Groden is the man who keeps the "X" at Dealey Plaza, showing where President Kennedy was shot. It is on the street just across from the Grassy Knoll, and surprisingly far from the Sixth Floor well behind it: the City of Dallas has never tried to demarcate where the President was killed, to its shame.

And, shamefully, in July they arrested Robert Groden.
As they have done many times before.

We who love America need the Robert Grodens who dare to speak the truth.

John Judge has written well: COPA's leader should be heard from sea to shining sea -- and he will be, if you will spread this message far and wide.

I wrote Robert Groden and offered (for I live in exile and am poor) a little pittance toward helping his attorney fees. He graciously declined my offer and thanked me.

With "vendors" wiped out of Dealey Plaza, all we'll have left is the Official Version --that Oswald shot JFK (for no reason, and though he denied it to his dying breath). You will have to pay a tidy sum to the City of Dallas to get he propaganda fed to you.

Take heed, then to what John Judge tells you: writing to the Dallas DM, in the comment section, after the usual paid voices registered nasty comments about Groden, just as they do against me, John Judge weighed in.

Read it here:
Robert Groden is no clown. He is a serious and committed researcher
for decades into the truth of the assassination of John F. Kennedy and
the mendacity of the official version and the media that still denies
reality to support it, including the Sixth Floor Museum, funded to
perpetuate the lies.

Groden was hired as a photographic consultant to
the House Select Committee on Assassinations and is the author of many
critical and groundbreaking books on the evidence in the JFK case. He
sells videos of the actual footage of the assassination as well as
those works on the Grassy Knoll and has for decades now.
He has not failed to fill out any paperwork, none is needed and no permit has
ever been offered.

He was not ticketed 80 times for harassing anyone.

It has been a long campaign of harassment and each time the court
threw out the charge and voided the ticket. It is a matter of free
speech, free thought and the protection of dissent in the face of the
propaganda, lies, cover-up and even witness murders that have marred
the lack of investigation into the Kennedy assassination from the

I come to Dealey Plaza each year on November 22 to hold a
moment of silence begun in the 60s by journalist and newspaper editor
Penn Jones, Jr. who also knew and respected Bob Groden. I represent the
national network of serious assassination researchers based in
Washington, DC, responsible for freeing 6.5 million pages of
classified records on the JFK case. I do not come to honor JFK's life
and record, which were impressive, but to talk about how those things
got him killed, why and by what forces that are still in power in this

I come, as Groden does, to speak truth to power in the
dimming light of this democracy before darkness overtakes us all.

Those who harass Groden for telling the truth are those who wish to
extinguish one of the few remaining lights in this age of blind
consensus. Shame on the Dallas police, and shame on the Dallas press
for not searching the truth they were honor bound to pursue in the
name of law and justice. Shame on a country where a man must spend his
life at the scene of a murder, like the mothers of the disappeared in
the foreign countries ruled by dictators we put into power, holding up
the mirror to the lies incorporated at the Museum nearby.

Oswald did not kill Kennedy; he did not shoot anyone that day. The forces
that placed him as the patsy go to the top of the government and the
Pentagon that removed him for their own venal agendas which to this
day ruin our economy, our lives, our freedom and our future.

Forgive my grief, as Tennyson and Penn Jones said. Forgive my refusal
to bend down to a lie. Forgive the boldness of Robert Groden to spit in the
eye of false history and demand the truth, much less to speak and
spread it on the vile location where democracy died long ago.

> > John Judge, Coalition on Political Assassinations

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