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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Reprise on Gil Jesus and Vanishing Files on Google/Youtube

this comment was posted by Phil Drago at Wim Dankbaar's fine forum, and is worth reading both for its passion and its poignant reminder of what freedoms we will lose unless we support each other in this fight to save the truth, and not allow ourselves to be called 'nonpatriotic conspiracy theorists' simply because we wish to preserve the truth and not allow history to be rewritten by those who took over our country via the Kennedy Assassination on November 22, 1963.

Google & Golem Menace Gotham City

by Phil Dragoo on Sat Sep 04, 2010 2:47 am
Judyth and Joe and fellow jfkmurdersolvedians

I had noticed that about the Gil Jesus archive of youtube videos last night when searching at behest of Robert Morrow for George Smathers advising that Johnson wanted Jackie to ride with him.

I have seen the overwhelming bias of returns by Google Search on any given topic concerning the JFK assassination, e.g., McAdams or other propaganda.

We have observed how Google is complicit in the censorship imposed by the Peoples Republic of China. Are we surprised to see it here when George Orwell/Eric Blair forecast the division of the world into identical dictatorships, Oceania, Eurasia, Eastasia.

Is this then not why NSA needs its new Utah “data center” to amplify its Ft. Meade installation, so many to spy upon, so little capacity.

The continuing attempt to Borg the truth by the Thought Police confirms the coverup of the crossfire causing the coup d'etat. They protest too much.

The thread to which Judyth refers was a trolling for a fight which went for naught. Oswald shot nobody.

In fact, one of the most excellent—and non-video—creations of Gil Jesus is his marvelous 10 Reasons:


Are we surprised that the same thugs who gobbled up every film and photo, who badgered and bullied and threatened (occasionally killing) every “inconvenient” witness, who phonied up the autopsy, and tried to confiscate all the video of Perry's “throat wound of entry” remarks, should now be vacuuming Google?

Did not The One's Cass Sunstein send the winged monkeys forth to attack the forums—Fly, my pretties! Fly!

It's not global warming, after all—it's the stove door of hell opening up for Arlen Specter--

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