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Friday, November 18, 2011

Lee Harvey Oswald Was Innocent: two Interviews with Judyth Vary Baker

Hear two interviews about Lee Harvey Oswald's innocence,
cancer as a bio-weapon, and how cancer can be avoided in your life today!
(right after the news clip)...1 hour PART 2
...i hour...

I am Judyth Vary Baker, who personally knew Lee
Harvey Oswald and has written the book ME & LEE.
I was interviewed in Toronto, Canada, Oct. 2011, as part
of a series of appearances, TV and radio interviews,
and book-signings --the first ever for this reclusive witness--
to bring the truth about Lee Oswald, the cancer
research scams, the SV40 Monkey Virus,latent cancer
viruses in your body,and other matters of importance
for all who want to know why the Kennedy assassination
had to be blamed on one innocent man. In addition,
be sure to listen to Popeye-- Federal Jack -- HERE.

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